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Properly installed gutters and downspouts have an important role

Gutter installation in Oakley, CA

Properly working gutters and downspouts is a necessary home maintenance task that should not be ignored. Without properly installed gutters, rainwater can back up damaging your fascia and soffit, or enter your home's foundation causing serious damage to the structure. Our professionals at R & R Roofing can replace or install your gutters and downspouts for complete protection.

Signs of defective gutters or downspouts

Uneven gutters - can be noticed when water continually pools in certain areas
Sagging gutters - visibly noticeable and can eventually pull away from the structure
Gutter spikes - visible long nails that are sticking out of your gutters; typically seen in older gutter systems where gutters are pulling away from the home
Overflowing gutters - this can mean your gutters are clogged or the gutters are not big enough to handle heavy rainfall. It can also mean your downspouts are too small in diameter.
Leaking gutters - this can be caused by rust, holes in the gutters, dented or damaged gutters, or poor seams found in older gutter systems
Poor drainage - downspouts and drainage pipes carrying water away from the home can become clogged keeping your gutters from doing their job

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